Who exhibits?


All operators working in the vineyards of these regions:  producers, wine dealers, wine cooperatives, producer groups, all the standard bearers of valuable know-how

Ambassadors of a real know-how they will make you discover:

  • The diversity of all of these wine regions: accounting for more than 70% of the French PDOs, 80% of French white wines (still and sparkling), they represent an unparalleled diversity:
    • Exceptional wines which have shaped the history of French wine growing.
    • “Light” reds which have taken over every French table
    • Rosés capable of accompanying every type of convivial event
    • Dry whites which have enhanced our gourmet heritage
    • Sweet whites whose balance has delighted our taste buds
    • And the majority of bubbles which are always at hand whenever it’s time to celebrate.
    • A multitude of varieties which have so many stories to tell.
  • The adaptability of all of these wines to all moments of consumption make them imperative elements of French food and drink tradition. They are also multi-ethnic and timeless.
  • The accessibility of all of these wines which are virtually all single-variety. Anyone can therefore get to know and recognise them and adopt them with ease.
  • The modernity of all of these wines which are capable of evolving in step with the times, with tastes and most of all with new forms of drinking. 

Timeless and contemporary, elegant and convivial, exceptional and universal: they are all brought together within a show on a human scale. You can come and meet all of these exhibitors, united around this shared vision, at VINOVISION 2017. 

What exhibitors say about their presence

Image : BIVC / Thierry Martrou