From 11 to 13 February 2019

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

OMNI 2017

VinoVision Paris has joined forces with the Paris-based trend forecasting agency NellyRodi to take a fresh and forward-looking vision to cool climate wines.


“Today’s individual is in search of diversity, exploration, and adventure, in the day-to-day as well as in life’s most exceptional moments! Wanting everything and nothing is possible, for he is nothing if not a paradox. In this era when we thirst for discovery, for contrast, for moments to live and to share, the wealth of cool climate wines is timely and welcome!"

For its first edition, the main theme set by NellyRodi is OMN and is expressed at the show throughout 3 proposals:   

> Trendbook « OMNI »

Real tool for understanding and inspirating dedicated to wine professionals, it leads each of us to take a fresh look at the way we choose and consume wine now and in the future.

Limited edition of 200 copies


> TrendForum « OMNI »

Enter a rich realm of signs, shapes, objects and colours and opt for a multi-sensorial discovery of 6 consumption instants newly-acclaimed by consumers now and in the future.


> « OMNI » tour

Find out over 500 wines registered by exhibitors through the lens of 6 consumption moments : Brunch, Lunch, Aperitif, Celebrations, Dinner, Parties!

NellyRody has spotted, by consumption instant, wines which particularly fit the OMNI trend; throughout this guided tour, you then have the opportunity to discover 20 “omni-wines”!