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Cool-climate wines are “OMNI”, according to NellyRodi

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“OMNI” will be the key theme of the wine TrendBook, to be unveiled at the first-ever trade show dedicated to cool-climate wines.

VinoVision Paris, scheduled from 12-14 February at Paris Porte de Versailles, has joined forces with the Paris-based trend forecasting agency NellyRodi, an industry standard in lifestyle and fashion. This is a first for a wine trade show.

Through their diversity and their unparalleled character, cool-climate wines are a combination of “slow” (they are slow to mature) and “fast” (an explosion of flavours which can be blended limitlessly) and thus reflect the OMNI era, offering a response to the aspirations of an exploring and contradictory consumer. This attitude is prevalent among the 18-35 generation, also known as Millennials.

Vincent Grégoire, Director and founder of the agency NellyRodi and Pierre-Edouard Martial, Director of the Home and Luxury Goods departments, answered the questions of VinoVision Paris.

What inspired you to investigate the subject of cool-climate wines?

PEM:They are varied and direct wines: they are surprising but also sparkling and innovative. They follow different rules to those of other wines. The men and women who craft them are also different. Today, we can easily meet a Bourgogne winegrower who is modern and disruptive, keen to shake up received wisdom, just like the wine they produce.  

VG: Talking about wine is also about asking questions as to how it is consumed. You leave behind the technical side and you look closer at the consumer and in particular Generation Y and the famous Millennials.

What makes you think that cool-climate wines are OMNI?

VG: In the past,things were either slow or fast. There was the natural and the artificial. Today, all the trends mix together. Both in their daily life and for special occasions, individuals are always looking for diversity, exploration and adventure! They want everything and its opposite. This complex and passionate being has thus become an OMNI consumer who likes to try out different lifestyles. Cool-climate wines come from an incredibly wide variety of regions and terroirs, and what they have in common is vivacity, freshness and finesse. At a time when people have a thirst for new discoveries, contrast, moments to enjoy and share, the wealth of these products is a blessing!

You have chosen to describe and analyse these new ways and times of consumption and to show how cool-climate wines fit seamlessly into these trends. What do you observe?

PEM: Vinovision Paris is a trade show. Therefore, from a perspective of its visiting audience (wine shop owners, for example) it is important to visualise the moment of consumption which is behind the purchase. Today, how do you approach meals? Is wine always consumed during a typical lunch or dinner? We can observe that new consumption times are being created, in particular by restaurants who start to imagine brunches which are outside the framework of the traditional meal ritual.

VG: Identifying moments of consumption is a truly exciting thing to do, because you list the new times that people come together. Today, thanks to the Millennials, people are thinking out of the box so as to extend these times. In the morning there is brunch, and in late afternoon there is drunch, half way between dinner and lunch. People meet up around an OMNI buffet, they will have lunch in an OMNI-room in the house, put their plates down on OMNI-low tables, and of course will open cool-climate wines, which are OMNI-wines. On the menu, there will be a range of different crus: white, red, rosé, sparkling. They will eat something cold, then have a hot bite-sized portion of something, move on to sweet food and back to savoury, they will switch wines. They are creative up to the point of creating new food and wine pairings.


OMNI-Wines, at the heart of the trade show VinoVision Paris from 12 to 14 February 2017.

The TrendBook developed by NellyRodi for VinoVision Paris will be an enthralling tool for visitors to the show. It will help French and international buyers and purchasing specifiers to understand current trends relating to places, behaviours and products. This genuine tool, directly inspired by the spirit of the times, observes how attitudes to wine are evolving. It is also a guide for the producers of cool-climate wines to allow them greater insight into the market, faced with this young generation, and offering demand marketing. At the show, the visitor will be able to find their inspiration on the Trend Forum. This is a space designed and built by NellyRodi to illustrate these new times of consumption and how cool-climate wines fit in with them. This partnership is an illustration of the desire of VinoVision Paris to offer both visitors and exhibitors a new perspective on wine.