From 11 to 13 February 2019

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

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DOMAINE OCTAVIE - Val de Loire wine

Stands :

A 091

7 route de Marcé
41700 OISLY



Since 1885, Isabelle and Noë ROUBALLAY have been the fifth generation to succeed to the running of the family estate and inherit a passion for the winegrower's art. The 30 hectares of vines are planted on the renowned terroir belonging to the village of OISLY - the TOURAINE and TOURAINE OISLY appellation's preferred terroir for the white variety of SAUVIGNON. The perfect balance of sands and flint clays produces fine, complex, aromatic and fruity wines of true character. Isabelle and Noë have a real passion for their calling, working with full respect for the environment in compliance with TERRA VITIS specifications, and set on producing top-quality grapes using ecologically healthier methods in order to preserve the environment and human health alike. Systematic monitoring of soils and vines enables grapes to be harvested at an optimal stage of maturity, and the variety's typicity to be expressed to the full. Wines regularly win awards and have earned unanimous recognition of guides.


Present on the flag : TERRA VITIS